This is the Time to be Everything We Are

Often women have expectations for their professional and personal lives set for them in childhood. Some of those expectations are inferred within the family; others, more insidious, are set by test and IQ scores well before high school. In fact, student placement in unchallenging, sedentary educational settings erases the possibility of teaching toward a girl’s individual strengths.

Career guidance often follows such testing, frequently limiting young women’s paths into engineering, medicine, law and the creative arts. A far worse consequence is setting girls’ ambitions for their own achievement.

Yet, not all achievement by women remains set by early limitation or lack of support.

Millions of women stand with this country’s black community in demanding justice for black citizens – our citizens – who are murdered by law enforcement. We write, we march, we literally stand with others whom we care about as we do our family members. A powerful image of this courageous support occurred in the Louisville Courier-Journal when a line of white women, arm in arm, stood between black protesters and Louisville Metro Police on Thu evening.

Credit: Tim Druck

So, the drive that surfaces in women who excel and live outside false expectations need not only be limited to academics. Courage lives in us all, and women in every leadership role – including women who place their lives in danger to support and protect others – are living their best lives and inspire us.

Voice need not be verbal. Our physical presence, our privilege as citizens who have the invisible luxury of not feeling discrimination in every moment of their lives, is a profound example of our collective voice. “This is love. This is what you do with your privilege.” [emphasis mine]

Examine any leveling of expectations that were preset in your life. Simply acknowledging them as ill-formed judgment causes them to dissolve.

This is the time to be everything we are. Standing with all races – our human community – to demand fairness, equality, autonomy and justice is living our highest lives.

Use your voice. Stand with those you love.



Without Metaphor: Ever Wondered What a Slippery Slope Is? You’re Living It

Here’s what to do about global warming.

First, cease paying attention to that noisy voice that says: “I’m overwhelmed. I can’t process any more tragedy. I’m powerless. What I could do wouldn’t matter.” That chatter is nothing but empty conditioning. It’s not you, it’s not real, and what it has to say is not true.

Second, stop suppressing that calm, patient, loving voice that shows itself when you’re relaxed and present. You know it… the voice that speaks through you, not to you. That voice is guidance. It’s empowerment. It emanates from the deepest part of who we are as beings, and it’s equally present in us all.

All it takes is a bit of courage. The more courageous you are, the more recognizable the voice is, and the easier it is to trust what it says. When it comes through me, I recognize it immediately and act upon it.

Next steps.  In a recent TED talk, Luisa Neubauer, a 23-year old climate protection activist, offered four very specific steps that everyone… everyone… can take to defend and protect the environment.

Luisa Neubauer: “This is not a job for a single generation. This is a job for humanity. All eyes are on you. … We are all political beings, and we can all be part of this answer. We can all be something that many people call climate activists.

“Four first steps that are essential:

  1. We need to drastically re-frame our understanding of a climate activist. A climate activist… is everyone who wants to join a movement of those who intend to grow old on a planet that prioritizes protection of natural environments and happiness and health for the many over the destruction of the climate and the wrecking of the planet for the profits of the few.
  2. I need you to get out of that zone of convenience. Does the company that employs you or that sponsors you.. does your local parliamentarian… your best friend… know about this? Tell your bank you’re going to leave if they keep investing in fossil fuels.
  3. Leaving the zone of convenience works best when you join forces. The more you are [in number], the harder it is for people to justify a system that has no future. Power is not something that you either have or don’t have. Power is something you either take or leave to others, and it grows once you share it.
  4. I need you to start taking yourselves more seriously. The most powerful institutions of this world have no intention of changing the game they’re profiting from most. So, there is no point on further relying on them.”

“I dream of this world where geography classes teach about the climate crisis as this one greatest challenge that was won by people like you and me who had started acting in time. This is more than an invitation. Spread the word.”

All power resides in people, not in institutions. Institutions must respond to our will. It can be no other way. There is no stopping a critical mass of us who are activist in our own ways. Every action counts.

I’m willing to show up at an Oregon senator’s town hall meeting to ask when and how NASA scientists can be directed to engage immediately with residents in our cities to evaluate local effects of the climate crisis, and educate people on how to defend their communities.

What are you willing to do?

Use your voice.

Courageous Men Listen to the Voice Women Already Hear

I have come to know deeply that my voice is strong and that my words matter more than I could once have possibly imagined.

I intuit, feel and hear a voice that has its foundation in love. The love from which this voice emanates permeates every word so I must choose words with care.

A single voice from its deepest source is, actually, the voice of everyone. It ignores things like ego and judgment, history and accomplishment, temperament and lifestyle, opinion and desire, dogma and affiliation.

It’s the voice that waits patiently while we think we have another agenda.

I have come to realize that the voice asks for more of my attention when I sense the violation of others. Violation has nothing to do with fairness or equality, which are subjective.

I’ve also noticed that once in awhile violation partners with courage to become voice.

When I hear the voice of violation and I sense its underlying courage, I recognize it as a catalyst to act.

The voice of action is completely desensitized to apathy, fear or conformity. In its calmly insistent way, it compels action.

Assault… verbal, physical, emotional… is violation. It has no qualifiers.

This is a voice for the final cessation of men’s brutality againt women.

The world I see is extinguished of the battering, belligerent, dominant behavior men impose upon women. Men in this world have the courage to listen to their own aspect of the voice which guides them away from brutality of any kind and into partnership and counsel.

Our business team

The voice that speaks softly also softens experience. It frequently produces the effect that the events, people and circumstances that surround me have a surreal quality; yet I circle around to the felt understanding that what’s in my experience matters.

I have come to know deeply that my voice is strong and that my words matter more than I could once have possibly imagined.

I know this to be true of all others.